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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 11: 4/8/09

I just can not get through one day w/o pain.  Even if it's minor pain, it's pain.  Other than my back, my left knee is giving me problems and now my neck.  *sigh* 
Food for Wednesday, 4/8.
Breakfast: Strawberry protein shake
Snack: Kashi GoLean protein bar
Lunch: Cafeteria salad
Snack: Handful of salted almonds
Dinner: Cheese & crackers
Drinks: Coffee, water, G2.
Exercise for Wednesday, 4/8.
1 hour yoga class.
My knee was really annoying me, so I skipped the video.  I figured yoga might help.  It may have, but the jury is still out on that one.
Another thing I find is that the days that I go to the gym in the evening, I don't eat as much when I get home.  I'm just not that hungry.  I really have been worried that I'm not eating enough. 
I'm going to be trying on the bridesmaid dress this weekend.  Hopefully it will just fit better.  If I go down a size, I'll be in trouble b/c I'm already wearing the smallest size they have.  I don't want my mother-in-law to have a coronary since the wedding is next weekend.


Lori said...

The smallest size they have? Then why are you torturing yourself like this?

Christine said...

Hi Casee!
It's been a while since I stopped by and WOW! You've been working hard at eating very little. Kudos to you. Although.... I have to echo what Lori said. ;)

Hope the wedding was lovely. :)