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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From inside it doesn't seem as bad

Yesterday I had the commute from hell. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to get the work. That includes being in what these crazy people call "traffic". Yesterday it took me an hour and a half. I was at a dead stop more often than not. Which sucked, but I'd rather be safe than sorry (*ahem*Jack). Still, I literally feel the tension in my body while I'm driving in snowy/icy conditions.

This is what it looks like outside my front door this morning. It's really not that bad when I'm looking from the inside out. I even let Jack take the 4Runner today, but only because I have my brother's car and only have to go 1/2 mile to pick the kids up.


Holly said...

The next time MM says, "Baby, let's move to Idaho" I'm going to send him here to see this picture and read this blog post.


Casee said...

As long as he shovels the driveway, you'll be fine.

I totally think you should move here. The house next door is for sale. We could have coffee every morning. I'll even come to your house so you don't have to go outside in the winter.

Holly said...

You'll even come to my house, huh? That's huge, Casee. You must be desperate. lol

Jenni said...

Ah hem...don't get any ideas of moving to Boise want to be near Casee, you will have to move to Vancouver! I get 1st dibs as neighbor!

Where is Lee and why do you have his car? I am surprised he lets anyone else drive it. You should feel privledged!

Jack Bauer said...


As soon as I get my Quad with the snow plow, I can plow both our driveways. :)

Jenni- the quad will come in handy when we move to Vancouver given all the snow you have.

On a side note, have I mentioned how much I love CLIMATE CHANGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Casee said...

Jack, stop using my blog as your political sounding board. The climate did change from last week. It's colder. It's going to change again later this week. It'll be warmer.

Jenni, he is not as protective of his car as he used to be. He is being so nice today, it's scaring me. He called me this afternoon to invite me to lunch. Then he just came by to pick up his car and he took the kids with him when he left.

Jack Bauer said...

Casee, I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much I like the changing climate. I like it even more when it is really cold and snowing in Spokane and when I get there it is going to be a little warmer and not snowing... that is really all I meant :|

You really need to not worry about that. I have not even talked to Harold about "that" since Nov 4th.

but I will comply and only reply to your comments directly

Jill S. said...

Your yard resembles mine. I'm enjoying the skiing for the husband's sake but secretly YEARNING for summer.

Rowena said...

So when it snows that much, do you get to stay home from work? Or do you have to brave the roads and go into work anyway?