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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My husband's girlfriend

There's this girl my husband works with, we call her her. I think she's like 20 or 21. Jack srsly dislikes her. If I was the insecure type, I would think that he really likes her, but covers up by saying how much he hates her. Since I'm not (and I know my husband), I know that he really doesn't like her. Here's the thing, she likes him. I know she does. She does things that are so blatantly obvious, that I can't believe he can't see it. Then again, he is a man.

Her happens to go to the same physical therapist that I go to. Apparently she asked the PT questions about me and then went to work and talked to Jack about it. I've already called the PT and asked him to not discuss me. I think that she asked about me, not b/c we have the same back problem, but b/c it's a reason to talk to Jack. Jack thinks I'm overreacting. I don't think so. I think that she likes him, even if she doesn't realize it.

He just can't accept that I'm right. Even if her doesn't plan on doing anything about it, she still wants him. I'm a woman; I know I'm right.

I just need to have him tell her to find something else to talk to him about. Maybe they should talk about puppies or rainbows. Or politics. That ought to do it.

[Oh and Jack? xoxo ;)]


Jenni said...

Yeah...let her be his punching bag in the world of politics! That will help a lot of family tension! Hey Jack, xoxo! Love you!

Casee said...

I don't think anyone can replace you as his political punching bag. Sorry! xoxo

Jack Bauer said...

Well my political punching bag is a little wore out huh sis????

Jenni said...

No comment....