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Monday, December 22, 2008

A white Christmas

Here are some pictures of the front of my house and down my street. It didn't stop snowing all day yesterday. Jack is obsessed with shoveling the driveway, God love him.

And here's a picture of the street.


Erin said...

Gotta love snow. Too bad we don't get snow days like the kids when it's too bad out to go to work. *g*

Aw, your front yard looks so festive! Our inflatable snowman/penguin thingy is stuck underneath ice from last week's arctic temperatures. lol

Holly said...

MM is also obsessed with shoveling the driveway (of course it's snowed like twice in 5 years here, but that's not the point). Boys.

I'm so glad it's you and not me.

Jenni said...

You should have sent him here...I did the shoveling! I did not do the driveway, just the walk way. It sucked! Did I tell you yet this week that I hate snow?

Rowena said...

Damn that's a lot of snow. I'd be scared.