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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My new work space

I work at home two days a week. Usually that work was done sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table. That definitely wasn't helping my back pain. So I ordered a new desk and today is my first day using it for work. I'm super excited. I have a ton of stuff blocked at work (Twitter, .blogspot, Live Journal, just to name a few). Now on the two days I'm at home, I get to use my laptop for work and the home computer for fun. w00t!


Holly said...

I really hate how clean and organized all your stuff looks. Go mess it up and send me a picture so I feel better about myself, k?

Casee said...

You know it's only b/c it's only been setup for two days. I'll post another picture next week. I'm sure it will look different. LOL

Rowena said...

Ugh you lucky punk, I wish I could work from home.

Christine said...

Wow. So THAT'S what a desk looks like? I haven't seen the surface of mine in so long, I forgot what it looks like. =)