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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a man thing

Jack and I own three cars. I have a 4Runner, Jack has a Tacoma, and we have a Honda Civic that is my commuter. About a year ago when gas prices started going up, we decided to get a commuter. It gets about 40mpg (when I drive it as instructed by His Highness). 40mpg is waaay better than the barely 20mpg I get in my 4Runner. Unfortunately, I'm trading mpg for luxury and comfort. Anything is more comfortable than the Civic. A bicycle is more comfortable.

Since I hurt my back (finally found out it's a disc), I haven't been driving the Civic b/c it's that uncomfortable. I was driving the 4Runner for awhile, then I realized that Jack's truck is actually more comfortable. So for the past two weeks, I've been driving the truck. Jack usually drives whatever vehicle is convenient. For example, yesterday we left at the same time, so he took the 4Runner. Today, I work from home, so since his truck was blocking the 4Runner in, he took the car.

I get the kids off to school on Tuesday b/c I work from home. So Jack tells us goodbye and about 10 minutes later, I follow the kids outside where they're getting their bikes ready. And who hasn't left yet? Jack hasn't left yet. In fact, the Civic wouldn't start b/c the battery was dead (we haven't driven it for about 3 weeks).

A little back story is in order here to get the full impact. My aunt taught me to drive a 5-speed in her VW Rabbit when I was 16. To say it wasn't a very reliable car is an understatement. I can't even remember how many times I had to ask strangers to push the car so I could pop the clutch. Needless to say, by the end of that summer, I was an expert at popping the clutch.

Jack knows this b/c my aunt and I reminisce from time to time, laughing, b/c now it's funny. So this morning when the car wouldn't start, instead of coming to get me, he tried to push the car, jump in, then pop the clutch. All by himself. After that was unsuccessful, he told himself the reason that it didn't work is b/c you can't pop the clutch while in reverse. Conveniently forgetting that the last time this happened, that's exactly how we started it. Again, instead of coming to get me, he gets out the jumper cables and a spare battery and gets the car started.

Because Jack is a stickler for being on time to work and he was already late as it was, I decided that it must be a man thing. Right Jack?


Holly said...


Jill Shalvis said...

I'll second that. Boys.

Jack said...

Ok... I dont want to sound like the two idiots that we have to save us in November, but I do have to make a few fact corrections...

1) I did not try and push the car myself and jump in. Given that the Civic barely fits in the driveway with 2 feet in front and back of it, I am not that fast ;)

2) When I said that, "I can't pop it in reverse..." I meant that because I am not a Clutch-Popping God, I am not used to doing it in first let alone reverse. I am used to doing it in Second, which is easier to do.

Given what everyone knows about me, can you tell that its election season????

Love ya all

Casee said...

Holly & Jill,

Well said.