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Monday, October 6, 2008

Bleeping Road Work in Boise

This is a picture of what I was looking at this morning on my way to work. Notice that I'm under a bridge. I hate being stopped under (or on) bridges. Like if there's something I'm scared of, that's it. The point is, there was no need for me to be stuck under the bridge (or in what is referred to as "traffic" here). [side note: Jack, you really need to do some inside cleaning.]

There is one freeway that goes into Downtown Boise. Instead of doing any road work AT NIGHT (wtf), they pretend they're going to do it in the morning. So what do they do? They setup signs starting 6 miles ahead of the actual lane closure. SIX MILES!

So you have all these people getting out of the left lane when there is no bleeping need to get out of the left lane b/c it doesn't close for six bleeping miles. Bleep! That 2nd picture is pretty good considering I just pointed and clicked.

So I was stuck in traffic when there was no need to be stuck in traffic. Then when I got to the actual lane closure, guess what? No bleeping workers! Yep, that's right. So bleep you Idaho Department of Transportation.


Lori said...

Welcome to LA! I feel for ya.

Jenni said...

I hate being stuck on or under bridges too! I even called Bryan once to tell him I was on a bridge and it was moving - is that OK? He must of thought I was the world's biggest idiot - sorry Bub - but I did not attend 9 years of college like yourself!