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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The coolest wine bottle ever.

Cheers Holly!

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Holly said...

wow, that IS a pretty wine glass! I love it.


Casee said...

That margarita must have gone to your head. It's a wine bottle, not a wine glass. I'm not that much of a lush. LOL

Holly said...

LMAO! Whatever. Glass, bottle, it's all the same thing. Maybe I shouldn't have drunk that whole pitcher though, huh?

Casee said...

You're right, it is all the same. I should go get another bottle. LOL

Nah, you couldn't let those mangos go to waste.

Jenni said...

Is that bottle empty Casee? I will stock up for your visit! Can't wait. I will have you on your lips the whole time you are here - well, except while we shop.

Casee said...

Have you been drinking? You'll have me on my lips the whole time I'm there? LMAO

And yes, the bottle is empty. Unforunately.

Jenni said...

Not a drop in me - yet! Give me a few minutes to catch up!