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Monday, September 15, 2008

Jack Bauer watching football

When Jack Bauer watches football while drinking beer, he thinks it's funny to slap himself in the chest to see the hand marks. He also fluffs his chest hair so it looks better in the picture.

He also tries to talk me into slapping him on the back and when I don't agree, he tries to swing his arm around to slap himself. I think he dislocated his shoulder.

He wants to make sure I let everyone know that the cause of this is football.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate football?

ETA: This is NOT a porn blog!


Rowena said...

LMAO LMAO LMAO, you've got to be frickin' kidding me! LMAO. Help the poor guy out and slap him in the back, sheesh Casee! LOL.

Holly said...

Shut the eff up. Bwahahaha. He is so whacked. I love it.

I am a bit disappointed in you though. You were given permission to slap him and you didn't??? What's wrong with you?

Erin said...

Uh, seriously? I don't think Jack's nickname can be "The Genius" anymore. It's officially been revoked. LOL

Casee said...

hahahaha!! Erin, I'm definitely telling him the genius of all geniuses said he's not a genius anymore. LOL!

Holly, you're right...what was I thinking?

Rowena, I told you he was weird.

So@24 said...

Damn. I didn't know Keifer rocked a bad ass arm tat

brianharig said...

I just ordered a sweet Jack Bauer for President shirt from They have a bunch of Jack Bauer stuff. They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, pts10 (it is case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!