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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm almost 30

Or so my sister says.

I've never heard myself described as almost 30 before. Even though I'm 27, it still feels like 30 is a long way off. Which is weird, b/c I feel so much older than 30.

The weekend was great. There was a football game (which I usually don't like), Nordstrom Rack, IKEA, and two birthday parties.

Oh and we want to move to Vancouver, WA.


Dev said...

Old? Srsly??? I'm going to be 40 in April. You're still a babe.

Lori said...

OK, neither of you are old. I'm pushing 45 (if being 27 counts as almost 30, LOL!).

Jenni said...

Let me know when to expect the moving truck. All we have to do is tell the hubby that you would be helping the economy by moving here!

Love you!