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Monday, September 15, 2008

It's not because I'm blonde. Srsly.

The weekend before last, I did a complete overhaul of Cheeks' room. My parents had taken both kids camping, so I decided it was the perfect time to get rid of things she'll never know are missing. It was splendid. Until I hurt my mother-f-ing back. When I first started feeling pain, I attributed it to PMS. I generally get backaches w/ my period, so I just took a couple Midol and moved a six drawer dresser and carried the vacuum up the stairs (among other things). It was only when I woke last Monday that I realized that it's not PMS related and I'm fucked. I could not sit down, I couldn't walk, I couldn't do anything. So what did I do? I drove to work. Maybe that part was a little blondish.

After visiting the Chiropractor on Monday and again on Tuesday, I realized I couldn't take it anymore. My doctor couldn't see me that late on Tuesday, so I went to one of those Urgent Care clinics. They're everywhere here in the Boise area. All I wanted was some pain meds. That's it. Since I was planning on seeing my own doctor, I didn't really care about anything else. All I knew was that I had been in pain for more than 48 hours straight. I would cry when I had to get up from the couch (or the floor). I couldn't even empty the effing dishwasher (which is wonderful, but not). The doctor gave me muscle relaxers and let me tell you...they relaxed me. Oh did they relax me.

So on Wednesday, Jack and I had an appointment, which we had to leave early b/c I could barely keep my eyes open. I also wasn't very coherent. This is what I asked Jack on the way home:

"Do you think I feel tired b/c the muscle relaxers are relaxing my eyelids?"

And that I can blame on the muscle relaxers, not my blondness.

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