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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday morning conversations

I got a late start this morning. When I came downstairs, Bill was already gone. Now I had heard him moving around in the kitchen while I was getting ready and assumed he was making lunches. I went downstairs and there were no lunches.

Me: Did daddy make your lunch?
Will: No.
Me: What was he doing down here?
Will: He was getting ready for work. Like watching TV. You know, the stuff you do to get ready.

He is so his father's son.


JenB said...

Hmmm...yes, I believe that is what men do to get ready for work. Coffee and TV. Who needs lunches? LOL

Casee said...

And the irony was that I forgave him for not making the bed since he made lunches.

Erin said...

LOL! At least Will understands the important things in life. *g*

Does that mean Bill had to make the bed *and* lunches this morning? Muah!