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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why reading isn't always a good thing.

Right now I'm reading Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh. It's damn good. Therefore, I have to place the blame for what happened yesterday squarely on her shoulders. Sorry, Nalini. You shouldn't be such a good writer.

When Kelsey was about two years old, I decided to do away with the bangs. At that age, she actually let me clip her hair out of her eyes or put it in baby pigtails. Those days soon passed; as well as my willingness to let her hair grow long. When she was four or five, I got her hair cut. Short. I was sick of her hair being a nest to food, paint, gum, and various other things that young kids get into at that age. Having her hair cut short served two purposes. She didn't look like a homeless child and I didn't have to deal with her hair in the morning. Double bonus.

It started about eighteen months ago. The inevitable fight about her hair. She insisted that she wanted to grow it long. I was just as adamant that it wasn' Whenever we went to get haircuts, I did what most parents would have done. I lied right to her face and got her hair cut the way I wanted it. Not b/c I wanted her hair cut that way. On the contrary, I just didn't want to deal with her hair issues.

Which brings me to yesterday.

Kelsey has been asking for side bangs for about a month now. I kept putting her off, trying to figure out how to convince her she has side bangs without actually giving them to her. At this point, I had already agreed to let her grow her hair out with the understanding that if she doesn't take care of it, that I will get it cut off.


Yesterday we went into the salon. Kelsey wanted to go first. I told the hairdresser that Kelsey wanted side bangs (all while saying "hell no" w/ my eyes). I asked that she part her hair in the middle, trim it, then when her hair is parted on the side, it would look like side bangs. Perfect, no? It would have been if it weren't for Nalini.

While Kelsey was getting her hair washed, I pulled out Blaze of Memory to finish the chapter I was reading. When Kelsey came back, I looked up for a second and smiled to see how excited she was. Then I went back to reading. When I looked back up, there were side bangs.


I honestly felt like crying. At the same time, I couldn't help but laugh while I was getting my hair cut. I saw her looking in the mirror preening. She had to do that for twenty straight minutes.

Bill was less than thrilled when we got home. I'm sure he doesn't care what her hair looks like. It's what happened this morning that we both wanted to avoid.

"My side bangs don't feel right."



Lori said...

Laughing. Sorry.

I've given up on the "forced" haircut. I've got one who has come to his senses and has nice short hair. The other is still stuck in the 70s.

Lori said...

Oh, and should have mentioned how cute she looks :)

Casee said...

Lori, Will just lets us shave his head. No fuss, no muss. So it figures that I would have Kelsey be such a PITA when it comes to hair.

Renee Gaw Photography said...

Oh my god! What a great story! That is too perfect! She does look really cute and it made for an awesome story! You rock mama!

Erin said...

First, she does look super cute with those bangs. Even if they don't feel right. lol

Second, don't even start because you were freaking reading the new Nalini Singh! You could send the book to me and then you wouldn't have these problems. ;) LOL

Erin :)

Casee said...

ErIn, I wouldn't want to rob you of the suspense that looking forward to an upcoming book brings you. ::g::

Christine said...

Awwww.... but look how adorable and happy she looks with side bangs! Sorry Casee... she's just too cute.

But of course I can say that because I'm not dealing with those morning hair issues. My kid's issues is with her shoes and clothes. She drives me insane with fit issues. And style issues. OMG INSANE, I tell you!