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Friday, August 28, 2009

My first day back running.

I believe in being prepared. When we go camping for four days, I pack Kelsey ten pairs of underwear. So it wasn't a surprise to me when I stepped out the door to go on my first run in over three months that I looked like a contestant on a hiking reality show gone wrong.

My sister recently came out for a visit. On her way out of town, she picked me up a bunch of Nike running gear for cheap. So I was armed with new shit all over the place. Since I'm generally allergic to the heat, I decided to run in the morning. I got dressed, put my new dri-fit tank on (along with my shorts) and was ready to roll.

Except I wasn't. It took me, like, 10 more minutes to get out the damn door. First I had to figure out how to get this on comfortably:

Then I had to go get my iPod out of the car. I was wondering where my Garmin was and knew I had let Kelsey use it on her bike (I don't know what I was thinking). Luckily, I found it (by complete accident of course), but the battery beeped and read "You have 0 hours of battery life remaining". Ah well, I wasn't planning to go far. It would last.

The hydration pack has two compartments, so I was saved from having to look for my arm band. After that, I had to adjust the pack and figure out exactly how it was supposed to rest. On your hip? On your waist? I filled it up with water, grabbed my sunglasses and was out the door.

Except I forgot my hat. So I came back in, went upstairs and got my hat. Went back outside. Forgot my sunglasses on the counter. Went back outside. I contemplated taking my phone (for safety purposes), but it's a freaking Blackberry. It weighs like 3 pounds.

By the time I turned the Garmin on so it could pick up the GPS, I already felt like I weighed an extra 20 pounds. In addition to the hydration back and water bottle, I had my watch on one wrist and my Garmin on another. Unfortunately for me, my Garmin is an old model. It doesn't look like a normal watch. And I forgot to take the damn battery charger clip off. I haven't decided on a good pair of running ear buds, so I had dangling cords. Even with all that, I set off in relatively good spirits, happy that I was finally able to do something.

The damn Garmin died at 0.75 miles.

I count on the Garmin not only to tell me how far I'm going, but what my pace is. If I don't have it, I don't run a steady pace. So I had to guess how far it was until I hit a mile. Which is really pathetic b/c I've run the route before. After running an errand, I eyed the odometer and realized I didn't even go the full two miles.

After all that shit, I didn't even go 2 miles. Mother-f-er.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Good lord. I hear ya, though. I hate those freaking hydration packs. They always sit wrong on my hips/abdomen that it gives me side cramps.

Great job on the run, though! Hopefully tomorrow will go better. I like your idea about blogging your runs, I may have to try that.