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Monday, November 3, 2008

Me, My Sister, and Metallica

Jack and I flew to Portland on Saturday morning to go see the Metallica concert. It was, hands down, the best concert I've ever been to. It was amazing.

In all the concerts I've been to, there has been ONE opening band. Metallica had two. In a moment of extreme blondness, I thought the 2nd band was Metallica for about two songs. When Metallica actually came on, I felt even more stupid.

The beer was flowing freely. Jack had so much that he got sick after we got back to my sister's house. He blames his sickness on some phantom that pushed him out of the car when we got there. I felt really bad for him, though. The next day I mentioned to my sister that I didn't think we drank that much. She told me that when the beer is free, you don't really pay attention to how much you're drinking. How right she was. LOL

We had such a great time, even though it was a quick trip. The travel was relatively easy since we were w/o kids. Like I've said before, anytime we go visit over there, I want to move there. This trip was no exception.

This is a picture of me and my sister. You can't tell we're related, can you?


Lori said...

Love Metallica!! I'm way jealous!

And you guys look fabulous.

Stacy~ said...

I'm jealous too! Didn't like them when I was a teen (cuz my brothers did) but man, I'd love to go to one of their shows.

Jenni said...

I had the best time ever! We need to get it figured out how to get you guys over here - this could be a weekly event. Love you guys!

masrina said...

OMG! You went to a Metallica concert?!!! I absolutely jealous! Went to their one and only concert here more than 10 years ago and it was the best concert evah!!

Holly said...

I went to a Metallica concert when I was in HS. My friend Erin and I went. We were out in the lobby before the show started and some guy with a video camera was yelling, "Show us your boobs! Show us your boobs!" We thought, eh, what the hell, and did.

We forgot all about it until the show started and we realized the huge screens that were set up on either side of the stage were showing random videos of fans at concerts...including ours. Sure enough, not 10 minutes later, there were me and Erin's sexy little 16 yr old boobs on the big screen for all the world to see.

Good times, man, Good times.

You and your blondness really crack me up. You thought the 2nd band was Metallica?? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Although, at least you can console yourself with the fact that no one knew. Unlike me and my boob showing thing. :(

Holly said...

Hmm..I hope my mom doesn't read this.

Hi DW, Luv Ya!

Christine said...

Free beer? Wow, that's impressive. All I got for free at a recent Coldplay concert was tissue paper butterflies. And I had to pick them up off the floor. ;o)

p.s. You and your sister are gorgeous!

Rowena said...

I read that whole post and yet it's the free beer that I kept going back to...and I don't even drink beer. LOL.

Looks like you guys had a great time and cute pic, awww it's a sister pic!