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Monday, November 10, 2008

Husband Pet Peeve #1

There are many pet peeves I have about various things in life. Some things I'm able to just shrug off, some things drive me absolutely batty. My husband takes the prize for being able to drive me absolutely crazy.

I'm a huge recycler. I recycle my empty toilet paper rolls. So I always recycle catalogs that come in the mail, junk mail, etc. One thing I hate doing (along with laundry and cleaning bathrooms) is going through the mail. Our kitchen island is like a huge junkyard of unopened mail. I try to go through it as I get it, but that doesn't happen very often. Of course my husband rarely looks through the mail unless he sees a magazine or ad for Cabelas. When I finally go through the mail, I make piles. My recycle pile, my bill pile, and my shred pile. What drives me crazy is that AFTER I finally go through it, he decides that he needs to go through it, too. He goes through all my piles and then tries to talk to me about certain things.

What I want to know is that if he's going to go through it, can't he do it before I do? It would save me some major aggravation. I think it's a man thing.


JenB said...

I'm pretty sure all men are incapable of doing anything that actually makes sense.

Christine said...

OMG I hate when they do stuff like that. I think my husband likes to save every scrap of paper or receipt for like 10 years before he deems it worthy of recycling. I therefore have learned to just recycle his stuff when he's not looking. ;o)

Lori said...

It's totaly a man thing. Really. They are such dummies sometimes. I don't understand why the penis makes them so dumb, yet we just love it so damn much.

Rowena said...

Oh gosh that would drive me crazy but you love him so it's all good in the hood.