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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter to my husband

Dear Bill,

Now that I can be pretty sure I'm not going to die of internal bleeding after my wreck on Saturday, I feel that it's safe to tell you that you were right.  Even if my spleen didn't rupture like I was sure it was going to, you still would have been right.  It's not that I would rather have had a chest protector than the bracelet you got me for my birthday.  No, I'm talking about your instance that I wear a helmet.  I have to admit that most of the time when I complain about wearing it, I'm giving you a hard time.  I'm glad you insisted even though it's likely I would have worn it anyway. 

In the future--and we both know that there will be a future incident--please don't shake me if I'm laying still on the ground.  Haven't you watched Grey's Anatomy?  ER?  Never move the victim (or in this case: rider)...his/her my neck could have been broken.  Also, please give my bruises the respect they deserve.  You are right, they are like war wounds.  Do something original like Kelsey.  Every time I show her, she screams and covers her eyes. 


P.S. Casee: 1 Tree: 0


Erin said...

Dude. I'm glad you were wearing your helmet!!

Take care and let me know when you're feeling better!

Holly said...

Holy crap, you redecorated! That was a

I'm glad you listened to Bill, too. For the first time in what? 10 years? (heh)

and LOL @ Kelsey.