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Monday, January 25, 2010

So sick of being sick

I'm somewhat of a germ-a-phobe.  I don't share drinks with anyone.  I wash my hands religiously.  Yet I'm still the one that always gets sick.  WTF.  There is nothing I hate more than being sick.  Nothing.  Sure, it's a pain when one (or both) of the kids are sick, but I'm a much better caregiver than a care receiver.  I've had this cough since right after Christmas.  Nothing else, just a cough.  Then two weeks after my "just a cough", I got a cold to go along with it.  The cough seemed to have peaked with the cold.  Now the cold is going away and the "just a cough" is coming back. 

I hate it.  It's making me bloody miserable.  I fully admit that I'm a HORRIBLE sick person.  If I could, I would whine and cry non-stop until I got better.  But since I'm an adult and still the caregiver, I have to suck it up.  Which I HATE.  I want sympathy.  I want my mom.  I want peace and quiet.  These things just don't happen.

Not to mention that the lack of sleep that Bill is getting is making him turn into a mean Jack Bauer.  If I wake him up coughing at 3AM one more time, he might just put me (and himself) out of my misery.  So his lack of sleep affects everything else b/c he's a grump.  Bill doesn't do grumpy well.  All he does is remind me of my annoying younger brother and try to shove Vitamin C down my throat in hopes that it will clear up whatever is ailing me.

I've gone through about one liter of cough syrup.  And I'm talking the good stuff.  My current doctor isn't very liberal with her prescription pad like my previous doctor was.  Which isn't a good thing when I'm calling every four days asking "can I have a refill?" and being prepared to beg if necessary. 

Every time I get sick, I learn something new.  This time it's that Bill doesn't like when I cough in his face, even if I'm sleeping.  And if I do, he reserves the right to roll me out of bed.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Did you know that constantly using anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitizer can actually make you more susceptible to colds and other illness?

I'm sorry you've been sick so much lately. I'd take care of you if you lived next door...(Bill: hint hint)